Hello Dear One: Here is your laugh for the day. I had the redo yesterday at the hospital. It was kind of funny, now that I think about it. First the assistant showed me my right breast X ray and sure enough there was a round darkish spot. Then she took a new X-ray and the area in question was gone. She went across the hall to confer with the doctor. I could hear them talking, but could not make out the words. They talked for a long time. Then I had an ultra sound. The technician took a long time rubbing and rolling and then went to talk to the doctor. Now that I am retelling this tale, it makes me chuckle. When the tech got back she announced that it was benine and was called a fibro addannoma, ( doctor’s words for, “ Holy crap where did that spot go”?). I was sent home with a smile. So there you have my happy tale. Hope your day fills you with laughter. Chow bambino, Marcia