Oracle Card Readings

Are you looking for insight?

Life enhancing guidance and messages are received via an Oracle card reading.

This is how it works:

• It isn’t necessary to know your issue or question as the Angelic Guides always

• As I center, I am guided to the Oracle Deck with the most beneficial and

• I do a simple three card spread from one of the many decks that I use. The

present it for you.

enlightening message that you need right now.

spread may include past, present, future, challenge and outcome, or may be

different, depending on what you want to know about, or my own intuitive


• Then you receive an intuitive reading based on the words and images in

the cards that come up and type it out for you to receive by email. I type the

message of the reading, along with some final intuitive thoughts of how the

whole reading fits together.

• A picture of the card spread is included with your reading.

Sometimes you don’t receive what you expect to hear, but the message is profoundly

more meaningful than you anticipated. It’s always what your Guides and Angels want

you to know at this moment in time, to help you move forward for your highest and best

outcome. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome.

If you aren’t sure how the message relates, it might help to put it away for a bit and come

back to it.
Hindsight can give lots of insight too!

Below are sample pictures of the some of the cards and spreads I use for readings.


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