intutive radings

In an Intuitive reading, energetic patterns of the client are being picked up on.

Why schedule an intuitive reading with me?
I will help you . . .
See things from a fresh and higher vibrational perspective, opening realization to new options you might not have realized.
Understand inner messages and lessons to be learned from situations, relationships and chronic issues causing you dis-ease and stress in your life.
See beyond the limiting beliefs you might have of yourself or of your situation. I help you expand your view and stretch to your full potential.
Discover the goals and visions you have for your life. I work with you, using my intuitive skills to help you choose the best path to achieve your dreams.
Gain insight into personal and business relationships. I use my intuition to describe the complex personality dynamics that create a relationship. The information I provide helps you see the relationship from a new perspective, allowing you to move it in a more positive direction.


$65 for half an hour

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$95 an hour

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