energy house clearing

Everything is made of energy and energy is everywhere!

Most individuals have experienced feeling emotionally impacted by the “feeling” of energetic vibes being given off. Leaving a cloud of NEGATIVE energy and causing them to feel uncomfortable, unhappy, and at times anxious!
You know the feeling when you enter a home or business and it feels “REALLY GOOD” versus the feeling of feeling “REALLY WEIRD” and all you can do is think of how to get away from that feeling? Some spaces can also suffer from or be impacted by “unwanted spirits,” who can cause quite a negative reaction in the home or office. These “spirits” just need some guidance or may need help to release their attachments so they can move on and away from the property.
For over a decade now, I have energetically cleared homes and offices from a variety of different “weird feelings” and “unwanted energies”. Each clearing being individually unique to the living situations that have occurred and/or been experienced there.

Some times you should consider Energetically Clearing and Blessing your Space:

• When you first move into a home or someone moves out
• When opening a new place of business/office
• If you are feeling “unsettled” or “uncomfortable in your space
• When you wish to sell or rent your real estate
• When you wish to open the door to new opportunities
• After a death or traumatic occurrence
• After a divorce or separation for a fresh start


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