St. Germaine via Sandi
~Self-Love ~Self-Acceptance ~Receiving

Everything is made of energy and energy is everywhere; energy follows our soul’s journey through the DNA of each incarnation amassing experiences we have “chosen” to learn. Sometimes we have difficulty with certain lessons, causing emotional upheavals and literally sucking the life out of us as we keep repeating them until they are fully understood and positive heart centered soul growth is accomplished.

We as humans make this process way too difficult . . . our ego’s hold on fiercely when in reality we do not have to know or understand every detail along the journey to where we are today. Think about how mind boggling that could be with multitudes of lifetimes lived and billions of experiences within those lifetimes!

St. Germaine came to me via a person in CA I had never met and asked me to be a conduit to assist people in what he considers the three major issues holding humans back from living their dreams with Joy, Clarity, Love, Laughter and Bless. I was asked to hold energy with St. Germaine on what is termed “theta” level of consciousness and to run this energetic process at midnite of the determined times to the person willing to shift and clear lifetimes of blockages and negativity affecting them today.

~ ~ Self-Love

Without this we cannot possibly thrive in our lives. It is one thing to love others unconditionally, yet we must LOVE ourselves FIRST to be able to give, receive and thrive.

~ ~ Self-Acceptance

We may LOVE ourselves yet continually project negative self chatter; not good enough, not smart enough, too fat . . . etc. etc. We must then learn to accept ourselves in this human vessel to become fulfilled and enlightened; able to live our lives in the bliss it is meant to behold.

~ ~ Receiving

Once we LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves we can then have our hearts fully open and engaged to RECEIVING ALL that LIFE has to offer!

You need not be awake, in fact the simplicity and power is received and felt upon awakening much more so than being awake and in full consciousness during the transmissions. Relax and fall asleep with the intention of receiving . . .
When you wake in the morning note your feelings, thoughts and physical sensations . . .

This is a three part process, usually a two day break between transmissions has best served individuals as often times the sub-conscious needs to “process” the purging of energies holding you captive.
This can involve minor emotional upheavals yet it can also include feelings of being surrounded by pure LOVE! We all process differently.
And occasionally you may need one or more of the three transmissions repeated if your ego blocks the process thinking it is protecting when in reality it is simply “fear” rearing it’s unwelcome force.

Relax and enjoy this process ~ ~ it will change your life in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine!

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