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Advanced Technology Medical Device
For Personal Health and HealingAMETHYST BIO-MAT Advanced Technology Medical Device for Personal Health and Healing {FDA approved}As stated on our Radiant Journeys home page in regards to Quantum Theory, the Amethyst Bio-Mat’s healing properties provides elements that bring health and wellness to your body when you are relaxing on it. This dynamic synergy of Amethyst Crystal, Far-Infrared, Negative Ions and Heat are beyond AMAZING and tranquil to the healing of your body.

Beneficial to YOU:

Beneficial high frequency far-infrared light pulses through a bed of amethyst quartz and a Japanese fiber called “kurare carbon ceramic” which generates negative ions. The far-infrared rays carry with it healing amethyst quartz energy and negative ions as it penetrates 6-7 inches into the body, stimulating and regenerating all cells. {Penetration is 3 times that of a Far-Infrared sauna!