In February of 2002,

my beloved father fell in the middle of the night while returning to his room from the bathroom. He had not used his walker . . . he had a stroke and his post polio legs couldn’t hold him as he dropped with his pants still down. After 48 hours and calls to the neighbors, I made the 4 ½ hr. trek from the coast of Oregon to Bremerton, WA where he resided in the home I grew up in. He wanted to “try” to make it; he had given me implicit instructions over the past decade that I was to never use measure to sustain life in extreme circumstances. After struggling with the Allopathic system, I finally got him approved for hospice care. The day we signed {two months later}, he informed me he was going to “retire”. He asked if I knew what that meant and I lovingly said yes while my heart hurt knowing he was going to cross over soon.

After he crossed on April 6, 2002

{the day my oldest granddaughter turned 10}, I went on a healing weekend with a friend to Port Townsend, WA.; a very spiritual and old community of like minded people where I used to spend much time when I lived on the Olympic Peninsula. While visiting Phoenix Rising my fav Metaphysical shop, I kept being drawn to a corner of the shop where an old computer system sat and beside it a sign “Have your Aura read”. Now I wasn’t willing to spend the $55 on that which I considered ridiculous, so I passed it up. The next day however, I swear that my Angelic Guides kicked my butt and sent me back to actually do the Aura gig. I sat down, had my pic taken and that was it! Nothing was explained to me but I was handed 23 pages of biofeedback representing what I had projected via weird sensor my left hand was on.

Holy guacamole
~ this gypsy gram read most of the report . . .

how could it know my heart was sad? How did it know I had issues of relationship in my root chakra? How did it know I have an addictive personality? Yup, all of that totally got my attention. I went online and checked out the company that offered the software and system. After putting $12,000+ on a credit card knowing this would change my entire life, I ventured to Marina del Rey, CA to pick it up. The next two days were spent practicing on any and everyone, knowing in my heart that I had an inner calling and passion to teach people how they respond to everything so that they could make amazing choices toward wellness of body, mind and spirit without allopathic intervention.

Asked my Angelic team
what to name my new business and after a few days struggling, I was in the flow of a wonderful bath when I heard:

“you love rainbows and life is a journey”. Hence RADIANT JOURNEYS birthed into the world. A few days later I heard “tagline please.” You got it ~ “Inspiring Wellness from Within” blared into my awareness with a vengeance.
The last 12 years have been Magical, Miraculous, Challenging, and overflowing with Heart Filled Gratitude as my Medium and Intuitive abilities kicked in.
People were contacting me with compelling life altering occurrences after their sessions with me.

Cletus came in as my advertising angel, drawing many to me.

During the next few years compelling emotions and thoughts once again sent me to California for Life Purpose Certification and Meta-Medicine Intro facilitated by Johannes Fisslinger from Germany, the creator of the AURA software I had been using. We bonded and he said he followed my work as I was the only one he was aware of that delved so deeply helping people with his program and taught him a few aspects he had not realized.

And of course the trades ~ learning a vast array of healing modalities has been a huge gift.

Using the software to not only help people but assist practitioners seeing how they respond to emotional energies and how they often times sabotage themselves. This could fill volumes and is actually being documented for a book being birthed in my heart.

My Purpose in Life is to lovingly inspire, guide, support and teach you to live your most fulfilling spiritual, physical and emotional Optimal Life and not settle for anything less! There is not a script to follow, only what already lies inside your heart waiting to be awakened. Allow me to lead and guide you to awaken ALL the loving joy, abundance, fulfillment, divine health and general well being that your heart and soul have to offer.

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