Is your heart longing for meaning, purpose, love, fulfillment . . .

  • you feel clueless
  • Feeling confused or stuck?
  • Depressed?
  • Want to run away from your LIFE?

New perspectives birth new meanings!
Sandi lovingly assists you on your path of enlightened healing spiritually, physically and emotionally utilizing her Intuitive gifts combined with bio-feedback enhanced technologies. Thus bridging the gaps between Eastern & Western Philosophies.

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Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching is based on deep inner growth which then manifests a heart centered, loving and more joyful Quality of Life.

Is something vital missing in your life?

Are you Stuck in mediocrity or pain?

Feeling confused or stuck?

Are you feeling depressed?

New perspectives birth new meanings. Discover how past wounds, beliefs and “broken tape” life

thoughts and patterns hold you down and make so much sense when acknowledged and lovingly released
in the grander picture of your life.

~Is your heart longing for meaning, purpose, love, service to humanity yet you feel so very clueless?

Welcome as you embrace the most Divine Journey of your soul.

With Sandi’s guidance you will uncover what is now coming into your consciousness and being felt in the essence of your very being. You will learn to connect to and trust your own innate self and guidance system while seeing your unlimited potential and embarking on the most fulfilling next phase of your life.

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I felt stuck in my spiritual and emotional growth and “stumbled” upon Sandi. yesmadamI actually met her years ago at another event and remembered her so I reached out to her and discovered she offered spiritual mentoring/coaching. We met and clicked immediately. Her eyes have a sparkle and ageless knowledge I have never seen, so I knew I was in good hands. She started with a St. Germaine energy transmission and asked if I wanted to know when she would do it. I opted not to know but the next day I felt it!! I felt drunk and yet more aware of things around me, who knew this was the beginning of a magical transformation. Much later in our mentoring she did an Akashic reading where I learned about past life patterns I had as well as hope for this life! I could go on and on about the various things she’s done for me as a mentor but each experience mentees have will be different since she caters to each individual.
Now that our mentorship is done, I have a new path via my new dream analysis business, Dreams Enlightened, and feel glimpses of what enlightenment means and feels like. I know soon I will achieve that pinnacle but for now I’m enjoying the ride of living life and finally being on the path I was destined for. “Thank you” just isn’t sufficient for the gratitude I feel for Sandi.

Lani Watkins