EARTH DAY Oracle Reading

Greetings Soul Family! So love that the EARTH MAGIC Oracle deck jumped out on this EARTH DAY! CEREMONY Invocation It is in sacred ceremony that we have one if the greatest opportunities to experience communion with Source, one where the perceived dualities of both heaven and Earth merge into an experience of The Divine. Through […]


Greetings Soul Fam; This Oracle Card is huge for all of us during this current shift in evolution ~ ~ without making a strong, from impenetrable commitment to ourselves, how could we possibly raise our vibrations and burst forth into the compassionate heart centered new energies and way of living? Self-healing has been a huge […]

Reading Of The Week Feb,10 2014

LISTENING “You are in communication with your Angels.  And the messages that you are receiving are very real indeed. TRUST THEM.” This card is a validation from your Angels that you really are hearing them. You have been receiving repetitious messages through your feelings, dreams, visions, inner voice, or knowingness.  Are you listening and trusting […]

Reading week of January 19, 2014

Greetings Soul Family; Have you been noticing a recurring theme all over Facebook and in various other forms of media regarding self-love and self-care? I was guided to channel information regarding enlightenment for you as there are so many misconceptions surrounding what our soul’s are seeking. Chamuel joins us: “Dear soul’s struggling with your journeys […]

Reading of the week 0ct20th

Greetings Soul Family! What did you think of this most amazing and exceptionally strong, compelling Full Moon/Eclipse Energies? Did they knock you on your emotional ass?  I certainly experienced a shift I didn’t see coming that is propelling me even farther into Service and the Gratitude I feel is causing my heart to sing with […]


JOY By enjoying this moment, I am giving thanks to God for my life. Mother Mary guides you to enjoy this moment and the next, regardless of what you’re experiencing. As you cultivate the ability to find joy in the present, you pull to you more reasons to be joyful. In every situation, you have […]


Another week has passed my Beautiful Soul Family and I am blessed to facilitate yet another reading for you. This week I was guided to THE ENCHANTED MAP Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. As always, I have not doubt this will touch your hearts and Souls! Xoxo Radiant Red PROTECTING TREASURE “You are always protected […]

Reconnecting with your true nature

Greetings my Divine Soul Family! I was guided to this deck and this card by St. Germaine who feels this is a message needing to be repeated by all of us and supported with AFFIRMATIONS . . . HEALING Reconnecting with your true nature {GAIA Oracle by Toni Carmine Saledo} The lady featured on this […]

Reading week of August 18, 2013

 Greetings Soul Family; Archangel Chamuel guided me for the reading this week and this picture reflects such beauty and grace beaming from within our souls that wishes to connect with all that is as our world continues to shift thru higher vibrational growing pains. The topic A. Chamuel wishes me to have us all contemplate […]


After a 3 year hiatus as we grew, re-birthed and scattered . . . Archangel Michael has asked me to bring to you the next sacred circle in loving, safe, Goddess sisterhood support . This Divine monthly gathering will take us on a Magical NEW JOURNEY based on a study course by Diana Cooper via […]